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Master the art of playing guitar with ease and confidence.

Learn to play your favorite songs, develop your skills, and become a true master of guitar with our step-by-step method from beginner to advanced.

Learn to play guitar and acoustic guitar from beginner to advanced, even without any skills.

Here’s why the GuitarCamera platform is unlike anything you’ve seen before:

Hi-Quality videos.

High-quality videos ensure that you don't miss any important movements, such as where to place your fingers and how to make the correct hand movements.

This greatly helps in understanding the guitar techniques better.

Chord charts and animated tabs.

The animated chord charts and tablatures provide a clear visualization of finger positions during the song, aiding in memorization through visual association.

When combined with listening to the original music, they reinforce the connection between sound and finger positions, accelerating your learning process.

Slow motion versions.

Pay close attention to the meticulous details of the instructor's hand and finger movements.

You will understand the correct finger positions and repeat the movements several times until you feel comfortable playing on your own. With slow-motion footage, you can clearly see each movement, facilitating visual understanding.

Recorded lessons in slow motion provide you with the flexibility to study at your own pace and at the most convenient time for you. You can pause, rewind, and watch specific parts of the lesson again as many times as you wish.

Both hands shown simultaneously.

By seeing both of the instructor's hands simultaneously, you get a complete view of the technique being used, which is helpful for learning complex techniques with specific finger placements.

By observing both hands in action, you gain a better understanding of how they move in synchrony to produce the desired sound.

Filter the search by difficulty level, tuning and tone.

You will find lessons and resources suitable for your current level. This allows you to progress gradually, starting from the basics and advancing according to your skills.

It serves as a true guide to avoid the frustration of encountering content that is either too advanced or too simple for your level.

Professional teachers.

Learn from those who truly know, as you will have guidance and a more comprehensive learning experience from experts.

Students around the world are satisfied with GuitarCamera.

Hundreds of guitar lessons for all levels

For beginners

You’ll learn the basic concepts through playing easy songs.

For intermediates

We’ll help you to take your guitar skills to the next level. 

For experts

Improve your skills playing pro versions of hundred songs.

Expand your repertoire

With hundreds of songs and over 39 music genres.

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